Maximizing Outcome

Maximizing Your Home Selling Outcome depends on more variables than just evaluating trailing sold comparable homes:

  • What should you do (and not do) to prepare your home for sale?
  • How does your home's condition, setting and appeal compare with current competition and recent sales?
  • How do you market your home to the widest audience?
  • How do recent homes recently placed "under contract" impact the sale of your home?
  • Are showing levels and market momentum positively impacting your ability to negotiate a better price?
  • If a maximized outcome is negotiated, how do you get the house through the inspection and appraisal process?

Having critical information like these variables and several other areas that impact value, can mean not only the difference in tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home seller, but whether or not a negotiated offer even makes it through today's complex inspection and appraisal process to a successful close.

I have expert experience avigating today's complex pricing, negotiating and due diligence process.

Having attained over $40 million in successful property closings for my clients in the last 2 years,  I'd be excited to help you access all the key information you need to achieve the best outcome for your home.